A red and white triangular sign at an intersection means


A red and white triangular sign at an intersection means

This question and its related to the question are shown up on your driver’s license written exam and it is very important for you to know about the answer of this question. The answer of this question is slows done and be prepared to stop other traffic, bicycle and pedestrian if it is essential.

This question has meanings mentioned bellow.

  • It means stop at the limit line
  • Continue driving
  • Slows down and be prepared to stop and yield other traffic.
  • It means slows down but do not stop under any situation.


In order to pass your DVM exam and for becoming a good and safe driver, it is important for you to know about traffic signs and their meanings. Traffic signs are important for safe and secure driving and these traffic signs are used to aware us the traffic situation. A good citizen must obey traffic rules and these traffic signals are used to tell you the traffic rule and the situation.

It is necessary for you to obey traffic signs and you obey these traffic signs if you have awareness about the traffic signs and you are obeying the traffic signals if you are aware of their meaning. A red and white triangular sign is a yield signs, which means that to, slows down, and be prepared to stop a yield or traffic.

This sign mean you must slows down when you approach intersection during driving and be prepared to stop the right way of other traffic in the intersection crossing a road. If intersection is, clear and there is not a huge traffic it means that you do not have any need to stop completely.

In most cases when you have a yield sign the traffic which is moving in opposite direction does not stop and it is important for you to slows done and decrease your speed for safe and secure driving and stops when it is necessary.

Yield signs are commonly found on less busy intersection and where many lanes of traffic merge. This sign is to telling you to slow down when you want to intersect other traffic and to stop when other traffic wants to intersect you.

What do a red triangle road sign mean?

When you find a red triangular sing usually, it is white with a red border means you are approaching a place where you will be face a hazard and where you must stop. This type of signs is found at intersection on a road where you want to intersect a huge traffic. This signs are always yield your right of the way and it will safe you or avoid you from a collision or any unsafe situation.

These signs will be used to prevent you from sever accidents and prevent you from any type of unsafe condition. This sign tell you about the way you must follow when you want to intersect other traffic. A red circle with a white line always means no.

The picture that is located inside the circle tells you that you cannot do. This sign found within or without words written under it which tells you the situation and you must follow the sign to prevent from any unsafe situation.

The shape and color of this sign is a red triangle with a white triangle in the center and having red border. You must follow the sign and you can only follow it when you recognize it. It is essential for you to know about this sign and it helps you in making your drive safe and secure or prevents you from collision and any unsafe situation.

What should you do if you see this sign during drive?

Traffic signs are made for making your drive easy and safe. You must follow the traffic sign to save your life and other’s life. You must follow the signs if you want to avoid any unsafe situation and if you want to prevent collision during drive. If you see this sign during your drive, you must do the things mentioned bellow.

  • When you see this sign, it means you must decrease your speed to the speed where you can stop easily when you intersect other traffic.
  • When you see this traffic it means that you must stop or slows down to check other traffic, pedestrian, bikes on the road and check their direction none the road.
  • If you see this sign it means that come to stop if you have required otherwise slows down your speed.
  • It also means you can drive when traffic is clear and you can intersect the road if there is not a huge traffic.

Traffic sign safe our lives and secure our driving. A good citizen must follow the traffic signs to save his life and the lives of other people around him.

What do a yield sign look?

This is a red triangular shaped sign in which a white triangle is situated in the center and a red lettering. If you have a large experience of driving, you can recognize this sign easily and it is a common traffic sign, which is found on the roads, which have a large traffic.

If you are beginning driving newly, you must recognize this sign and you can only recognize this sign if you are aware of this sign. This sign enables you to drive in a proper way and to drive on a proper track on a road.

What type of road sign is this?

It falls into a regulatory sign category among the traffic sign. These types of road signs tell you about the traffic rule you must follow for making your life secure and safe. This sign is very useful during your drive and you must follow this traffic sign to make your life safe and to make other’s life secure.

Where are some common places where you will see this sign?

Some of the locations where you see this sign are mentioned bellow.

  • Merging street
  • Roundabouts
  • Low traffic intersection

As you gain more traffic experience, you are able to recognize this sign and when you recognize it you must follow this sign for making your drive secure.